Return Policy


In the unlikely event of Returns and Recalls, Customer must obtain a valid Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number from TaraNutricare for all returns. RMAs will be issued, at TaraNutricare’s sole discretion, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Customer must provide its account number (e-mail address in case of Web Users) and all other information as required by TaraNutricare for all returns. RMAs are valid for twenty (20) calendar days from date of issuance. Customer must allow for in-transit time for Products to be returned to TaraNutricare, as TaraNutricare must physically receive Products within the twenty (20) calendar days.

RMAs will be issued for authorized returns under one of the following categories: (i) defective OR Damaged Products, (ii) Billing or Shipping discrepancies, or (iii) Unwanted Product (Whether due to change of mind OR you may have ordered in error OR you want to cancel your order based on suggestion by your doctor, we will deduct a surcharge from your refund unless you have contacted same day to Taranutricare to cancel your order). RMA number should be clearly visible on the address label of the Product packaging when it is returned to TaraNutricare.

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) form should be filled and must be sent along with returned goods. This form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Product Recall: In-case discrepancy with product quality, TaraNutricare at its discretion may decide product re-call. A Return Matetial Authorization (“RMA”) number will be issued to the Customer and Customer in liable to return those goods to the TaraNutricare with 20 calendar days. Customer is legally responsible to return re-called product to TaraNutricare. TaraNutricare, on receipt of goods will offset any outstanding payment and shall refund the excess to the Customer as applicable.