Should I take supplements?

Taking supplements is not a new phenomenon in any way. Even in history we find that strength athletes (e.g. wrestlers) and soldiers were used to take special mixture of products during their training, though they were using crude techniques available at that time. Scientific studies over the last two decades has resulted in significant advances in preparation and training of elite athletes in terms of nutrition. It is most important to understand the quantity (how much food OR nutrition one should take) and quality of nutrients (i.e. what kind of combination of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and active nutraceuticals an athlete should take). So, yes nutrition plays a very important part for your health, fitness and performance.

Where should I start with the supplements?

At Tara, we have made it very simple for you to choose your supplements. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate OR professional athlete, supplements is the main requirement of every athlete. You should simple select your goal OR Category from the homepage and choose the most appropriate supplement for your needs.

Should I take supplement when I am not training?

Yes, since it takes 2 to 3 days for any muscle to recover after training, it becomes infact more important to take supplements during rest days.

Why there is more than one supplement for each goal OR category?

It is hard to define one supplement that can cater all your nutritional requirements to achieve your specific goal. e.g. If you want to lose weight, you may have to lower your calorie intake, you may have suppress your hunger, you may have to increase your burning of calories (thermogenesis) or you may have to opt meal replacement OR else you have to do all these efforts to lose your weight. So based on different ways of achieving the target, we have to develop different supplements.

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How much protein should i take?

According to Food and Nutrition (FNB) of the National Academics of Sciences Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for protein is 0.8 g/kg up to ~ 2.0 g/kg, a range expressed as 10 % to 35% of energy intake. It is important to recognize that the protein intake range relates to body weight and not energy intake. So an 80 kilogram person can take up to 160 grams of protein without any adverse effects, whereas a 90 kilogram person can take up to 180 grams of protein.

How can I gain weight?

This is a common problem for athletes as well as common person in India. To understand weight gain is simple. There are mainly two things to remember when you want to gain weight: 1. Take more calories than you can spend each day: Taking more calories (written as kcal) means eating more but eating healthy. A healthy person spends approximately 45 to 55 calories (written as kcal) per kilogram of body weight. For a 70 kg person, it means that it should burn between 3150 to 3850 calories (written as kcal), therefore his/her intake should be nearly 300 to 500 kcal more than this figure and should concentrate about putting up ½ kg to 1 kg per week. TaraNutricare has 3 important products that can help you achieve weight gain i.e. MAGIK MASS, BODY GROW and AMINO MASS. For more swift results take these products in combination with Gluta Ex Pure and BIO GAIN WHEY. 2. Right combination of your intake: All the weight gain category products are developed keeping in mind the latest research and best possible combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats required for weight gain.

I want to gain lean mass and burn extra fats, which product I should take?

We feel it is one of the hardest things to gain lots of muscles and lose fats at the same time simply because it requires very well calculated discipline in terms of dietary intake, training and adequate rest. In our experience it should be achieved by concentrating on one where as avoiding the other. e.g. When you want more muscle tissue but want to avoid unnecessary weight gain, you should increase the intake of proteins, reduce carbohydrate and should take only healthy fats. When you are focusing on burning unwanted fats, you should increase thermogenesis (burning of calories (expressed as kcal)) but should also keep high levels of proteins intake and should do some strength training along with your aerobics and other fat burning exercises. BIOGAIN WHEY, Gluta-Ex Pure, VEG PRO, Thermocut and AbsorbiLean can help you keep high intake of protein, burn fat and minimise intake of carbs and fats in the food whereas Storm Xtreme, BCAAs and GH Boost can make lean muscles without adding up any fatty tissue.

Should I take the powder products with milk?

Yes, there is no harm in taking any of the products with milk however our products are equally effective if you take them with water only. Infact many people around the world are allergic to milk, whether it is because of lack of enzyme called lactase which metabolise milk sugar “Lactose” OR allergy to casein (a protein in the milk), so in that case we suggest you to avoid milk and take the products with water only. Infact we feel they are light and easy to consume with water.

Is Glutamine is a must supplement?

The answer is YES! Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body with relatively high concentrations observed in muscle and blood plasma. While excercising, glutamine is released from the muscles and reduced glutamine concentration has mostly been reported in over trained athletes. To minimise catabolism and to recover the muscles swiftly, Glutamine is must. Glutamine not only helps recover y of muscles but also used as anti-inflammatory mediator, to cure over training syndrome (OS), maintain normal plasma glutamine concentrations in athletes, increases immunity and may also be beneficial in reducing tumour growth, to minimise length of stay in hospital for bone patients and to treat burned patients.

Is Creatine safe, does body stops making creatine when you take supplement?

Creatine is most researched & studied supplement throughout the world. It is absolutely safe as a supplement and to answer your question about body will stop making Creatine, It is not that simple how we assume about working of human physiological functions but let me tell you that 1 to 2 grams of Creatine is found in your daily intake of Fish OR Meat, that means we should not eat fish OR meat because body may stop making Creatine. For further clarification please read a report from European Scientific Committee on Creatine:

Where do you source your whey protein?

Currently we are importing all our whey protein isolate / whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolysate from France, Germany and Ireland. Except Whey Protein Isolate, India is well capable of producing whey protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate, but however in our experience it is currently not possible to produce Instantised whey protein (Readily mixable) and most of Indian origin whey is more foamy and acidic at times.

Do you use high quality Ingredients?

TaraNutricare has its own laboratory; two of the shareholders in the company are Pharmacists. We use high quality fully traceable ingredients. Raw materials are procured from reliable and well known suppliers along with a copy of Certificate of Analysis. These ingredients are then in-house tested for their qualitative and quantitative analysis. Certain materials are also sent to independent labs for testing and verification where required.

Does you products match international quality?

We guarantee that our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. TaraNutricare is using state of the art Pharmaceutical plant to manufacture all its products. Not only that we produce our products to the highest standards, a great emphasis is given to procurement, quality and testing of raw materials. Company is committed to invest continuously in research and development to bring you the best possible products. Infact we beleive that this is only due to stringent quality control and keeping the cGMP manufacturing standards, we have also been able to export our finshed goods to Germany, UK, Canada, UAE and America.

How should i take the product? Can I take with milk OR water?

We develop our products to be taken with water. However all of them can also be taken with milk. All details about “how to take” are clearly expressed under “Recommended use” on the label as well as under “Recommended Use” tab on the web. When we develop taste profile of the product OR do any trial testing, we do it with water only. The only difference that you may notice that it can be more sweet in taste with milk than with water since milk has its own sugar called “Lactose” which may enhance sweetness profile of the product. It will though have no significant difference on the function of the product.



Is it safe to purchase online with TaraNutricare?

Of course it is absolutely safe to purchase online, we do not share details of our customers with anyone. We use industry standard procedures (128bit SSL) to protect your personal information. We also do NOT store any credit / debit card details; they are passed securely to our payment gateway to perform an instant transaction. We are currently in a process to obtain payment gateway. Till then shopping is only possible by paying through Online Funds Transfer (Internet Banking), Demand Draft/Postal Order, Depositing cash directly into our bank account and Cheque Payment.

Do you do delivery of goods on cash collection basis?

TaraNutricare is a well established company since 1989, generally speaking the above method of payment collection on delivery basis is mostly applicable to only those companies where people lack trust in the supplier. We make dispatch of goods only once payment has been received against your order.

How long does it take to deliver the goods?

Goods are processed on the same day as soon as we receive the order however your order is dispatched only once we receive funds into our account. Depending on the type of delivery method chosen by you and your location in India, your delivery may take 1 to 5 working days. For details on delivery please read our delivery terms and conditions.

Can you advice me which product is suitable for me?

We have made it very easy to choose your product based on your goal. You can take one OR more than one product at the same time to achieve your goal. However we welcome your questions regarding our products and services. Please write us for the same to

How does your price so good?

This is simple. TaraNutricare has its own manufacturing plant for Tablets/Capsules and Powders. All the products are manufactured in-house. We procure OR import all of ingredients directly from raw materials manufacturers and thus do not entertain any middle man in between. After all that is possible to fairly control raw material and production cost without compromising the quality, we then keep in mind about buying capacity of an average Indian athlete. This exercise sums up why we are better in prices compare to International brands exporting finished goods in India.

I have received incorrect product?

We have ISO certified stringent dispatch procedure in place where probability of delivering wrong product is less than 0.1% however on an unfortunate occasion, if you have received the wrong product. We will be more than happy to replace it free of cost. We would request you to either send us an e-mail OR inform us over the phone by quoting your order number, after investigating on production, packaging, picking, dispatch dockets, we will take the necessary corrective and preventive action.

What happens if no one is there to receive the delivery at my place?

When you are placing an online order with Taranutricare, there is a space for comment on delivery. e.g. If you know you won’t be available to receive the goods on a particular day Or you want courier to leave goods with the neighbours, you can give us instructions there, we can make arrangements with our courier to follow your special instructions. However if it is a postal delivery, we usually have no control over it. Usually our courier and postal services both will leave a message at your place that they have made an attempt for delivery. As per procedure, these goods will be available at the local courier office OR post office for next two days and you should get in touch with your local courier office OR post office as soon as you take notice of the attempt made for your delivery. All our shipments are sent on traceable basis, so if goods are returned back to us, we can re-send them to you but you may have to pay extra delivery cost for second delivery if this has occurred due to negligence at you end.

How can I make the payment for my order?

Currently we accept payment by following four methods: 1. Online Funds Transfer: If you have access to internet banking, you can directly make online payments into our bank account. The details for the same are as follows, the same will also be given to you at the time of payment confirmation: Account Holder: Tara Remedies Private Limited. Bank Name: HDFC Bank. Bank Address: 202 Model Town Branch, Jalandhar 144001, Punjab, India. Account Number: 03408640000048 NEFT (Net Electronic Fund Transfer) / RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement Code): HDFC0000340 2. Demand Draft OR Postal Order: Please make a demand draft OR postal order in favour of Tara Remedies Private Limited and send it to the following address: F.A.O: Mr. G. Hastir 388, New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar- 144001, Punjab, India. 3. Cash Payment: You can deposit directly into our company account against your order. The bank details for the same are as follows: Account Holder: Tara Remedies Private Limited. Bank Name: HDFC Bank. Bank Address: 202 Model Town Branch, Jalandhar 144001, Punjab, India. Account Number: 03408640000048 4. Payment by Cheque: You can send us at PAR Cheque in favour of “Tara Remedies Private Limited” against your order and send it to the below mentioned address. Please note that Payment by cheque is a slow method since we do not despatch goods till funds are cleared into our accounts. F.A.O: Mr. G. Hastir 388, New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar- 144001, Punjab, India.

I do not have HDFC account, Can i still pay you by cash into your account?

You do not have to have account in HDFC bank to deposit cash into our account. You can simply go to any HDFC Bank branch near you and deposit cash into our account, account details for cash payment are as follows: Account Holder: Tara Remedies Private Limited. Bank Name: HDFC Bank. Bank Address: 202 Model Town Branch, Jalandhar 144001, Punjab, India. Account Number: 03408640000048.