Tara Nutricare was launched in 1989 with a focus on transparency and quality. After more than 2 decades of continuous improvements, the brand of Tara Nutricare has now become the first choice among elite athletes and amateur bodybuilders.

Latest research and development efforts are put into the manufacturing of all our products. We make sure that the products we make are thoroughly tried, tested and are of the highest quality. At Tara Nutricare, a great emphasis is given to the taste of products too. One of our other strengths is that we cater to the needs of people of all age groups.

Tara Nutricare has been bringing you the latest innovative sports nutrition and health products since 1989. Our brand has constantly helped athletes realize their potential. Thousands have benefitted from our products, be it for gaining muscle, loosing excess fat, increasing power, strength and speed, developing energy and endurance, and also in the field of general health and skin care.


About Tara Nutricare

Tara Nutricare products are now available everywhere from different towns to several metropolitan cities across the country. You can now even buy them online! Numerous athletes, coaches, sport organizations and health clubs proudly endorse our products.

Besides the basic need for macronutrients and micronutrients, each athlete has different requirements of supplement based on their game. For example a cricketer is an endurance athlete and needs ingredients that can enhance his endurance levels, a boxer needs more of power, stamina, energy, focus and immediate recovery, a sprinter requires high burst of energy in short time, power is important to a wrestler as well as strength and energy. Our products effectively meet the nutritional requirements of different kinds of athletes.

Tara Nutricare has collaborations with some renowned universities and we can provide clinical trials of supplements to scientifically prove if a particular supplement is effective or not. We can also carry out independent testing of the supplements to ensure that you get exactly what is being claimed.

Tara Nutricare is one of the leading sports nutrition companies in India that is committed to helping dedicated sports persons in enhancing their stamina and physique, thereby improving performance levels. We have the most comprehensive range of products to help you increase your sports performance and reach your physique goals.

Tara Nutricare has always used services of expert manufacturers and suppliers of raw ingredients in Europe, South Africa and India, who produce high quality nutritional products for some of the largest food brands worldwide. All our products are guaranteed to pass drug screening tests for presence of steroids or stimulants.

At Tara Nutricare, we care most about quality assurance. At every production step, we carry out strict product quality checks and perform procedures in order to obtain final products of the highest quality. We also carry out SOP or Standard Operating Procedures. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is stringently followed by our company. We also ensure 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee.

In case of any queries, please contact us at admin@taranutricare.com or contact our customer service at helpdesk@taranutricare.com.