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Testo booster supports overall well being & hormone bioavailability without any side effects. Its a natural testosterone booster provide strength & stamina & boost ATP respectively.


Consume 1 to 2 capsules, 1-3 times daily, 30 minutes before meals.

Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris (40%) Saponins, Silica powder, Hard gelatin capsules


Tribulus terrestris is a flowering plant native to Europe, southern Asia, Africa and Australia. The active chemicals in Tribulus terrestris are steroidal saponins, including protodioscin- the key component for boosting testosterone production. Tribulus terrestris extract is commonly used by athletes as a safe alternative to artificial steroids to gain strength and lean muscle mass.

Tribulus terrestris is a potent testosterone booster. Testosterone not only assists with the growth of new muscle,it also helps with the repair of damaged muscle tissue and keeps the body in an anabolic state to build lean muscle mass.

Tribulus terrestris increases your overall endurance thus helps you endurance thus helps you endure harder workouts Tribulus terrestris also known to help maintain energy levels.

Caution:  Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If you are pregnant, lactating,have a medical condition or you are taking medication, please consult your doctor before taking this product Or any other dietary supplement.

Quality Control: At Tara Nutricare,quality control is given the highest priority; each batch of this product is produced in accordance with GMP procedures.This product does not contain any prohibited substance included in WADA (world anti-doping authority) prohibited substance list.

dition, please consult your doctor before taking this product OR any other dietary supplement.
Keep out of reach of children.

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool dry place.
Do not refrigerate.

Serving size: 2 capsule
Profile Per Capsule
Tribulus Terrestris extract     500mg
  Providing 200 mg of steroidal saponins
Servings per container 30


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